Dianna has owned & operated her photographic studio in Toronto since 1975 & continues to do a wide variety of photography including portraiture, performance & dance, commercial & corporate, editorial & product. After returning from a six year sojourn in India, in her quest for a more painterly image she began exploring Polaroid Image & Emulsion Transfer onto Japanese washi. Recognized as a master of these Polaroid techniques she has taught workshops in galleries, schools, the Japanese Paper Place & for Polaroid. Her work has been sold & exhibited as far away as Japan & in galleries in Toronto. She has been featured on television shows such as Savoir-Faire & Sarah Richardson's Room Service. Dianna has participated in the Toronto Art Expo 2006, 07, 08.

Artists Statement

Beauty is the servant & messenger of Truth.   Meister Eckhardt

I love photographing not only the outer beauty but also the inner beauty of people. By creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel easy & be more your natural self, a timeless moment will be uncovered. When that happens your true essence shines through.

Whether it’s the beauty of Creation captured in a prenatal or newborn photograph, the delight of childhood, the confidence of an executive or the “it” factor of a performer, I feel honoured to be allowed to photographically explore each person’s uniqueness.

©2008 Dianna Last Photographer
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