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as of May 2009

Prenatal Session         $350.00

Includes a free consultation, the session 1-3 hours & a consultation to go through the photographs.

108 exposures Black & White &/or Colour with low resolution scans on a CD & one enlargement.

Prenatal & New Born Session      $475.00

Includes a free consultation, a 1-2 hour session, 72 exposures Black & White &/or Colour Prenatal session & 36 exposures taken with the newborn within the first month of birth. This includes low resolution scans on a CD & a custom print.

Children’s Portraits $300.00 72 exposures, LR Scans on CD & one custom print.
Family Portraits  $300.00 72 exposures, LR Scans on CD & one custom print.
Business Portraits $300.00 72 exposures, LR scans on a CD, one custom print or HR retouched scan. Consider being photographed in your business environment
Actors Headshots  $375.00 108 exposures B/W &/or Colour, LR scans on a CD, one HR retouched scan with name ready for printing. Includes three different looks, so session can take from 1-3 hours. Makeup artist can be arranged & is extra.
In our consultation before the photo session I will co-create with you the type of atmosphere you wish to convey in the photograph, from the wardrobe, to the surroundings to the lighting. Each session is unique. You will also receive a letter of instructions on how to prepare for the session.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul & by being in a relaxed setting that essential you will shine through

My Don Mills studio allows for photographing indoors & out in a relaxed setting with no parking problems. Usually makeup & wardrobe takes an hour & then we are ready to begin. From babies to adults it is important that you have eaten beforehand, that babies & children have had naps & adults are rested. 

I prefer that all conditions are optimum for the photo session so if you are not feeling well please reschedule. If rescheduling, please give me 24 hours notice.

For on location photography, there is a $50.00 to $100.00 surcharge.Please Visit:
*Prices do not include taxes & are subject to change.

Personal Images

Giclee prints on paper of my Personal & Polaroid work are available unframed: 

8X12 inch prints are            $155.00
11X14 inch prints are           $195.00
12X38 inch prints are           $340.00
24X24 inch prints are           $375.00

Giclee Canvas Gallery Wrap Prints start at:           

12X12 inch are                $195.00
18X18 inch are                $325.00
24X24 inch are                $495.00

Black/White Archival Selenium Toned Silver Gelatin Prints unframed: 

8X12 inch prints are             $235.00
9X18 inch prints are             $325.00

*Prices do not include taxes & are subject to change.